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Training with dogs is a lifetime passion. I have coupled that with certifications from working with other trainers such as clicker training with Pia Sylvani and Classical Conditioning with Kathy Sdao. Along with Training at Animal Behavior and Bahesha Doan of Extreme Canine. I am a proud Profession Member of IACP iacpI loved working with a well known trainer who extensively worked with hunting dogs, Martin Deeley (Imagine working with the Queen of England’s dogs!!!). I hope to be able to be as bright and imaginative as these and many other trainers that I fail to mention! I love working with pet dogs and performing Canine Good Citizen Testing. I am an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator EvaluatorLogo_small#10140.

I’ve also trained behavior problems with rescue dogs. I am the Training Director with German Shepherd Rescue of New England. Separation Anxiety, Leash Reactivity, Pulling, Not moving on leash, Barking, jumping, Door bolting. All the behaviors that the dogs wind up in shelters (not all). They are workable! I’ve had a lot of consistent experience over the past 13 years with my own fosters and working with foster homes directly and remotely.

Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!

from Jess P. Lola rode all the way from ABC to Salem today with no top and no doors on my jeep bc you’re an amazing trainer and I can actually have her in public now!I I can’t believe we passed an entire flock of geese blocking road and she just watched them, didn’t lunge or anything out of the jeep.

I am the Training Director I have worked with rescue dogs and help many, many dogs overcome behaviors that may have otherwise been their stop at the shelter.

Reactive toward strangers:



Separation Anxiety:

This girl would pace, pant and have a poop mess in her crate when her owner or foster person would leave the house.


(It can be hard to watch) for some


I loved working and learning about Separation Anxiety and Reactive dogs. Being a part of the International Association of Canine Trainers Professional Association of Dog Trainers. Meeting and working with them over the past 20 years of my career. God bless you all.

Along with the many behavior and obedience training of pet dogs, I have, over the past few years, been working with a lovely couple of personal dogs. I have an active Certified Therapy Dog and personal service dog and an active Schutzhund dog. My experience in working with all types of behavior have driven me to both spectrums. I wouldn’t change a thing.



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I was truly impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the service.


Dog owner

The customer service was outstanding! I really appreciate what you have done.


Dog Owner

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be coming back.